Tailor Made

Resort to over two decade of supplying the kids apparel to lots of worldwide brands, Ofly Design has sophisticated experiences in customized designing, development, manufacturing, export and custom clearance. Once there are need for the special activities, occasions or target market from our clients, we are able to provide the one-stop, optional and small order services. Our expertise and resources will assist our clients to define their ideas easily. It simplifies the processes of development as well as saving the time of communication. All benefit our clients' ideas to be indentified accurately and efficiently in order to make them to reality. Welcome any inquiries from local and overseas customers. Pls don't hesitate to contact us on the information below.

Our Customers:
- Chain Store
- Importer
- Educational Organization
- Sourcing Team Of Company
- Private Label
- Promotional Company
- Wedding and Event Professional
- Designers
- Individual

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