Ofly Design - Story

Our Mission - I Absorb. I Offer.

We aim at absorbing the brilliant and creative ideas in the field of design that will be transformed to the unique expressions in kids' clothing. At the meanwhile, we devote ourselves to make contribution to deliver the joy, happiness and blessing to the little one we love.

Our Brand - Magic Alpha

Genuinely cherishing a single new life, we have created and spread a gift to every sweet hearts known as Magic Alpha, our private label of kids wear combined with loveliness, colorful collocation, distinctive and extraordinary concepts. What a magic moment we aspire will be shared and marked in the memory forever between the innocent angels and you. Read more about Magic Alpha.

Our Customized Products - Tailor Made

Resort to over two decade of supplying the kids apparel to lots of worldwide brands, Ofly Design has sophisticated experiences in customized designing, development, manufacturing, export and custom clearance. Once there are need for the special activities, occasions or target market from our clients, we are able to provide the one-stop, optional and small order services. Our expertise and resources will assist our clients to define their ideas easily. It simplifies the processes of development as well as saving the time of communication. All benefit our clients' ideas to be indentified accurately and efficiently in order to make them to reality. Read more about the service of Tailor Made.

Our Heroes - Designer

Our designers come from the diverse fields of design and art globally. All have a great desire to express their talent and creativity through kids wear. There are thousands of stories in blood and tears behind their creations. How a wonderful time they join Ofly Design to show themselves to our friends. Let's start to meet them with the brief introduction and their works involving their collection for this platform and their own portfolio. Learn more about Designers.